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Exciting New Project!

March 2023

I have been lucky enough to get a Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award (VACMA), established by Creative Scotland in partnership with North Ayrshire, South and East Ayrshire Councils. It supports artists and craft makers in developing their practice through new work, skills or opportunities.

My project is based on peatlands on Arran. What does this have to do with jewellery making? I hear you ask.

Wildlife, plant species, Sphagnum moss, and textures in this environment, whether that be in the form of the structure of sphagnum or in different textures in layers of peat. I will be drawing, photographing and designing towards some new jewellery pieces. It also involves some tuition in June with a fantastic jeweller/enamelist, when I will learn about enamelling on an etched surface. AND! If I can raise awareness of the importance of our peatlands at the same time, that will be great!


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