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Ann Hume Jewellery

My jewellery is an exploration of vitreous enamels, inspired by pattern, texture, colour and shape in the natural environment. 

I studied drawing and painting at Glasgow School of Art and after several years of teaching, I completed a course in silversmithing, where I developed a love of working in metal. The progression to working in enamels seemed a natural development for me with my painting background.

Drawing is also an important part of gathering ideas and inspiration for my work. 

My jewellery pieces are created in copper or silver with vitreous enamels, drawing my inspiration from patterns, texture, colour, and shapes in the natural environment. I love to explore the possibilities of these elements in my work through various techniques in enamelling. I often create individual one-off designs, taking advantage of the experimental aspect of the enamelling process in each piece. 

Ann Hume Jewellery | Isle of Arran
Ann Hume Jewellery | Isle of Arran
Ann Hume Jewellery | Isle of Arran

New Work

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